I buy goosd stooks that go up

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  1. Thanks Red....this kid is seriously sick & is need of help or a couple of rounds pumped into his skull......the good news is it won`t be long now because we all know what happens when one jumps up to beat his chest & claims greatness.........he`ll be served a nice piece of humble pie & a handfull of ass by the markets in the not so distant future......& then the housefly will be history.

    it`s hysterical how a young ,dumb ,dope thinks he has solved the game all by himself because he believes that he is brilliant & posesses some Nostradamus like insight by owning a few shares of stock.so now he reminds us everyday in his novice banter that he`s "right".....

    solution for villiage: 2 rounds behind the ear,shovel & a bag of lime.....nuff said!
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  2. Congrats from me stock_trad3r. It takes balls to make cash and you bought when everybody on the board was telling us

    - "now is the time to sell rallies"
    - "newbies will get crushed"
    - "sp500 will goto 700"
    - "2003-2006 was a bull rally within a huge 2000-2012 bear market"
    - "housing and subprime will do XZY to the economy"

    blablabla - Where are all these people? It seems they left the board.

    You stock_trad3t swim against the stream and make cash. Disregard the BS comments they made in this thread. Don't listen to them and continue what you're doing. Congrats again.
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  3. the sad thing is Villiage is believing all the shit your shoveling him & he can`t get enough of it.

    stoke that fire ,Mak... before it burns out & blows up.....nice job burying your boy with the sarcasm that he can`t detect.......maybe he`ll drag you up on the GWB at gunpoint with him......would sure make ET a decent place to read once again without the Romper Room behavior.
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  4. I don't get all the hatred, ill wishes, negativity and jealousy on ET. Where does it stem from? Is it just competitive behavior? Why would it bother me if somebody makes $$$? My hat is off to anyone making money in the markets and I have no hard feelings towards anybody who does well :confused:
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  5. i think the point here, as stated by others already, is that there is a huge difference between investing and trading. if you don't understand that difference, then you probably should not be posting on a "trading" website.
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  6. If he just posted, 'I bought AAPL at 50 and look at it 120. I'm thrilled now' it is very different than 'I bought when all of you idiot bears were saying sell. do as I say, because trading is for fools'. Not only does stocktrad3r say the latter, but he repeats incessently 'look at me look at me'.

    That is irritating. And I'm not even a bear, nor have I ever been. I'm all for celebrating successes of fellow ETers -- I'll gladly save all of my 'trader hatred' for the purported GS's and 100B hedge fund manipulators of the world who've caused my countless long calls erode worthless, and my many fundamentally great ideas fail miserably due to poor timing.

    If the guy said I'm proud with a little more humility and not so incessantly, I think most every ET poster wouldn't be profoundly irritated with this guy.
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  7. The thread I created last year where I advocated buy and holding quality, market beating stocks during the Summer 2006 downturn got hundreds of replies. Not one of them told me that this was a so called 'trading forum'. Now that the market has turned against the bears their latest attack is to just assume that frequent trading or daytrading is a more viable strategy than position trading, when infact every statistics & study shows otherwise.

    The more that the bears try to predict that a 'big correction' around the corner the less likely it will happen. They have hardly anything to even base it on except wishful thinking.
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  8. mark1

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    Look dude, what do you want? The EliteTrader annual award? Ok you won it! Gee happy now? :D

    Only on ET lmaooo
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  9. Too many academics here. People have have has too much skepticism ingrained by professors and investigative reporters, social commentators, and contrarians. Doubt the TV, doubt the radio, doubt the newspapers, doubt the bulls, doubt the pundits.

    However, the stocks market is the antithesis of conventional academia in that the optimists get rewarded while the pessimists generally lose money. Historically bulls have made money and the negative bears who tend to over analyze and be too critical lose money.

    Tradertim (Tradertim.blogspot.com) , for example, is an example of how excessive skepticism hinders your ability to make money.
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  10. Ah just got back from a wonderful 10 day surfing vacation Belize, and Costa Rica, quite awesome. Lo and behold hold what do I find? The no riskettes have pumped it upa notch! Stock why don't you fill us all in on you're wonderful timing of you're buys? I believe it was in early May, right before the mkt got crushed and your anus was puckered. Yeah the mkt bailed you out and you turned out right, but I certainly wouldn't crown yourself king. You believe what you want, but since last may/june my account is up by 2/3's and I have only been 60% long! Thats becuase I trade, both long and short all the time. You are a putz!
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