I buy goosd stooks that go up

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  1. I won't stop overposting because thats how the message gets out. I was here when goog was at 472 during that big breakout a month ago. There were bears saying that goog would fall to 400, but now its at 500.
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  2. hey Villiage...one day you`re going to wake up & realize you`re an investor in the market.....along with millions of other people in the world at one capacity or another....except these people have an understanding of what they are doing & why.....they are productive in their everyday lives & actually have quality of life.they do not sit around a computer all day with pom poms when the dow goes from neg to pos or get an erection they can`t contain when Cramer grabs that big ole bull horn.
    when you do wake up,most likely broke, you`ll realize that your life is a lie with an internet identity that `s meaningless,no job skills & certainly no social skills because the last 15 years of interaction was with your keyboard & your hand.
    then you`ll try & figure "how the hell did i come up short"?? while your climbing the first tier of the G.W bridge & then the second.just like the jumper thursday morning creating about 7 miles of traffic back up into NJ.......then the first 100 cars or so in line will start screaming & yelling for you to jump....just like they always do so they can get on with their days with one less pest in the world.sound familiar Villiage?
    you have no trading skills so you buy,hold & pray with no stops or trailing stops in place & without a trading plan.you have the life expectancy of a housefly....or jumper ,o take their advice.

    a fool & his money are eventually seperated..just a matter of time for you, Villiage.
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  3. So you've made some money, congrats. In case you didn't notice the name of this web site is EliteTRADER. You are an investor on a trading web site. Maybe you could find a web site geared towards investing so you wouldn't have to bother us.

    Also, there is a spell checker included. Maybe if you didn't spell 30% of the words incorrectly in the title, people would be more inclined to take you seriously. I won't even go into your abysmal punctuation.

    Sometimes I wish I was a moderator so I could delete nonsense threads like this.
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  4. Mr. Spooz Top,

    I have a whole new respect for you. I could not have said that any better myself. To the OP, when the time comes do us all a big favor and take flight.
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  5. Its called elite trader and thats the problem..too much trading and not enough making money. People over trade and instead of making money for themselves the only ones getting rich are the brokers.

    Some resident expert claims to have made 300% with options or 'trading' but fails to disclose that he only traded a piddly sum of money. Called the trader's fallacy.
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  6. fubar


    Oh wow.. my saviour :p
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    All your talk just says to me that you happen to be bullish and stay bullish during an unprecedented runup in the market, similar to many a talking head on CNBC. When you make the right bearish call, then I'll be impressed. Otherwise, when the market finally does turn south, you'll be singing "buy buy buy" on your little sinking ship.

    By the way, I trade everyday, and I've made >100% (on a multi-six-figure account) over the same time period that you claim to have made 40%. So, your stupid idea that anyone trading more frequently than buy-and-hold is "overtrading" just tells me you don't know d-ck about trading.
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  8. I consider beating the market by 200% to be a success, and I provide proof of how it is done. I acknowledge that many people have done better and some have done worse but what matters is if your satisfied with your own returns.

    The major funds and institutions on average under-perform the market and a only few are able to outperform it by a substantial margin.

    A lot of people having been assuming that I am ill prepared for a market reversal, and that I will 'blow up' should one occur. However, should the market suddenly reverse I not only will I not loose too much money but I will be in superior position to most traders/investors because I don't have super leveraged holdings. If the market heads south the first people to blow up will be the options traders and the hedge funds.
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    Uh huh.. you do realize nobody gives a rats ass about anyone else's performance except their own, right?.. you seem a touch egocentric and divorced from that reality
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  10. I disagree with your assertion that the first people to blow up will be the options traders and hedge funds. I think most option players and hedge fund managers read your posts over and over before making any move in the market......contemplating your brilliance. When you say things like...." I not only will I not loose too much money but I will be in superior position " it really gives me confidence in your wisdom. Like you....i don't want to "loose" any money either. I can't wait for your next thread of wisdom.....but for now.....i will go shovel the dog poop off my lawn......then I will be in a superior position to conquer the toilet.
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