I buy goosd stooks that go up

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  1. yes I do and thats how I make moeny in the markets

    40% since June last year...crushed the markets

    yeeess inddeed im that goooood



  2. looks like the villiage idiot found the key to the daddys` liquor cabinet tonight..:p :p

    hopefully he left his gun collection case open for you to play with while all liquored up.
  3. huh??? I'm right and that does that make you? Wrong?

    I've been bullish since 2006..in the markets buy n' hold

    making $$
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    Goosd stooks, huh? ha ha ha ha
  5. its not that you are wrong - you have been right. Its the 'look at me look at me, I'm right!!!' style of your posts doesn't make you exactly come across as the sharpest tool in the shed.
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    This moron can't even spell correctly much less trade more than a thousand dollar account.
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    second that
  8. There is a point I am making. The point I have been trying to hammer in since I joined this forum is to NOT over trade, NOT to be indecisive, and to BUY the Summer 2006 dip. Those who bought stocks during the summer 2006 sell off as I instructed them to MADE MONEY.

    Do keep in mind that during the summer of 2003 the nasdaq lost 300 points falling from 2350 all the way 2050. The forum was overwhelmingly bearish. The fed was raising rates, oil was going up, the foreign markets were in a tailspin.

    I told people to buy and hold quality stocks that had been significantly discounted in the wake of the sell off and that the panic was irrational. Stuff like Goog and AAPL.

    I predicted the nasdaq would go to 2500 when it was at 2100 (and it did). And I told people do buy RIGHT AFTER feb 27th, in which the nasdaq proceeded to gain 200 points and the dow 1500 points.

    My methodology has been simple yet consistent. Buy the dips and buy quality stocks. Don't over trade. Buy stocks that have a tendency to go up.
  9. What about carrying over your same point of overtrading to stop overposting your points? Its all the same.
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