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  1. I bumped a thread from a few years ago (Riskarb's Vanilla Ops Thread) and my post was deleted and the journal was un-bumped. Why? Are we part-taking in amateur hour?

    I'm sick of reading the ES journal where all these 10 lot traders are scalping the es for 3-10 handles, Pabst trying to sell his system that obviously doesn't work, Jack Hershey and his engineered scattered conciousisms, and allenhobbs and BNB's love affair.

    I have been reading about the greeks for the past 3 months straight and that was the best journal I could find anywhere, on any website, PERIOD. I even searched Oanda's boards and couldn't find anything.

  2. bump
  3. Thank you.
  4. I noticed that same thing too bro.

    I've been going through the thread learning all kinds of cool shit.

    I know why it got unbumped, but I'd love to hear the "official" reason.
  5. Baron doesnt need to give you the official reason. He is the pimp. The pimp doesnt need to give you any reasons.
  6. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    That's correct :D
  7. I had an inclination about why but would have appreciated an official statement. I see that I won't get one, so, this is truly my last statement regarding this subject. It's a shame the best threads are from years back.

    All I can do is start my own similar thread once I am comfortable with trading those instruments.

    You have my permission to delete this thread.
  8. I don't read the ES journal, nor do I trade ES. But if, as you say, a 10-lot scalper gets 10 handles, then that's a $5,000 trade. This is a bad thing?

    Hey, it's Friday. How's the apple thing going?
  9. The ES Journal is the best journal going that I've seen on the internet, period. There are great traders in there but they could be better if they paid more attention to volatility instead of The Rule of 10 (lol, funny b/c it has been killing it), pivots, etc.. I believe their edge is rapidly diminishing and I aim to stay with the dynamic market.

    lol, that was ONE Friday T-dawg. I"m never doing that again. I have been eating flawlessly since then, as, after I got used to the hunger, I felt better. I felt like an athlete because I went out and ran and didn't hardly sweat! I changed my eating habits forever with that day.

    Hope you have a good day T-dog. I always look forward to reading your political discussions with pabst.
  10. BigP,

    Hey man if you start a journal like that, which would require significant thought and effort- I'd suggest you do it at the "other" place, not here where it can/will just be deleted at the whim of the moderators.

    I stopped my journal after Magna threatened to delete it if I didn't leave allenhobbs alone (my journal and allenhobbs' threads weren't related but I guess that's how he rolls)...at that point I realized the sheer futility in attempting to create anything of value here. Not going to waste my effort when some moderator bodyguard is apt to delete my journal because I hurt one of his friend's feelings.

    In regards to the journal you mentioned-

    I'd be all about a journal like that.
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