I blame this mess on the Hippies.

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  1. I saw this documentary about woodstock and the hippies of the 60s and I saw tons and tons of Baby boomers rolling in the mud naked like pigs in the trough.

    I was thinking, just imagine the types of drugs they must have done to roll around in mud tainted with fecal matter,urine,semen and other body fluids (having sex in the dirty mud, I wonder how many messed up hippie spawn ended up coming out of such an affair) . These guys never seemed to shower, and lived like a bunch of homeless bums. But what made no sense was these folks all came from the well to do post WW II middle class families.

    Now the effects of these drugs must have done something to mess the brain up and now these same folks that rolled around in mud/shit/semen/etc.. have been running this country.

    So now it makes sense why we are in such a mess.
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    Purple haze all in my brain
    Lately things just don't seem the same
    Actin' funny, but I don't know why
    'Scuse me while I kiss the sky

    (Jimi Hendrix)
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    I agree, somewhere along the lines that generation (boomers) figured they could get something for nothing, whether it was fighting wars without paying for them, entitlement programs without paying for them, cheap products picked up off china, buying pointless shit on credit, zero down homes, etc.... the list goes on and on, but somewhere along the way with that generation it became some kind of new knowledge that we could get everything we wanted and not have to pay for it.

    Unfortunately, and i dont know how old you are, but our current generation of youth (im 29) is going to learn the value of a dollar through 10-20 years of hard times, and paying for the colossal bill they have saddled us with.

    My grandfather was a farmer through the depression/WW II era, and the people who lived through that definately had a totally different approach, most held on to every dollar they ever made, never bought a bunch of pointless shit,never would have even considered buying something which doesnt kick off cash or hold some sort of value on credit, and lived in fear that at any given moment the shit could hit the fan. He drove the same 30 year old truck he owned from the farm and had the same 30-40 year old furniture from the farm which he held on to until he died, and he was fairly well off when he sold his farm. I think the only thing he bought after he sold the farm was a house in the city which he paid cash, then after that besides eating/bills he never spent another dime. My dad remembered planting potatos every single year by hand which was basically slave labour, and they would always plant enough every year to fill half their basement up. Basically their family of eight could have eaten potatos all winter for every meal if need be. They always ended up throwing 90% away, and when my dad asked why they did it, it was because of the shitty crops in the 30's, he never wanted to go hungry again. It strikes me as odd that their generation (boomers)never seemed to hold on to any of these values, I suspect our generation will end up living in the same kind of fear as we age, due to the hard times we will face as most hit the job market.

  4. But whats the point of dying with millions in the bank and driving a 30 year old car etc..
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    Yeah, I found all the hippies.

    They got rich and moved to Vashon Island and Bainbridge Island.

    More rolls-royces than Belair. I lived on Vashon for a year or so with a hippie-chick. They made their own little world out there.
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    He wasnt worth millions but he lived comfortably, to him he viewed it exactly the opposite, "whats the point in buying a new car if this one runs fine"

    He just had no desire for materialistic things, which has taken over most people in this day and age.