I bet getting rid of Child Labor laws will grow our economy.

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    Why not just get rid of unions?
  2. I say kids can work as young as 6.

    Then get rid of all drug legislation.

    Also pimp out everyone, as long as it's taxed.

    fine everyone who jaywalks.

    if you speed, your car is repoed.

    charge $5 per email

    charge $100 per oxygen

    and do random house checks, taking all valuables.

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  4. No, the future of manufacturing in the US is going to trend toward robots so advanced they don't need to be dedicated to just one task, thus becoming more like an infinitely trainable human worker. Ironically (well, not to me, who could see it coming a mile away), Obamacare will accelerate this trend by making human workers more expensive due to loading employers with additional health insurance mandates. This is why I applaud the CEOs who told their workers not to vote for Obama. If Obama is reelected, anyone seen smiling the day after the election should be laid off immediately.

    Basically, though, robots are going to put anyone working with their hands (with the exception of extremely, extremely skilled craftsmen) out of work. Even there, in a decade, you won't be able to tell a robot-created item from a hand-crafted item. Your best guess will be that the hand-crafted item will have more imperfections, but robots can probably be programmed to create random imperfections, too.
  5. One day, on the trading desk, I said this to a guy and he basically called me a barbaric nazi nutbag living in a fantasy world. And that was from a trader who, obviously, on one level or another loves capitalism. He was genuinely pissed I even believed such things.

    But my core point was that, the way things are now, children have no appreciation of education. I mean, the choice between laboring and getting education should be a choice we should all have to weigh out in our heads at some point. If we're sent off to school in our "back to school" fashions with cell phones in our pockets, the value of education may not be appreciated so much -- we have no alternatives to really assess the true value of our privilege.

    So, ultimately, I think child labor should be left at the discretion of the parents; however, if a child wants to go to school after making a serious decision to accept school, it makes sense to invest in him/her on some level.
  6. 16years old is not a child..:cool:
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    Here in the UK kids aged 13 and over can do 12 hours a week of light work like paper round.

    Kids under 13 can work as actors and such.

    Similar rules probably exist in most other countries.

    So it seems part time child labour is at least fine as long as it wont take an adult job.
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    are you saying if a child put on makeup he should not be able to play as an actor in an adult role?

    in the uk until fairly recently they didn't have minimum wage laws to distort the labor market.