I believe the Obama victory will tear America apart

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dave74, Nov 16, 2008.

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    America is simply not ready for a black president.

    The fact that the media is so brazenly pro-Obama only causes even more outrage.

    Will we have true scrutiny of Obama? Can we even trust the media anymore?

    I think America hit its apex with Bush Sr's victory in the first Persian Gulf War, and then with Clinton's balanced budget.

    Now, America has been irreparably harmed by GW Bush, the worst president of all time, and now with Barack Obama, a man who will cause America to tear itself apart along racial lines.

    I used to be in awe of America. Now, I can only look at it with pity. The greatest nation in the world has now been reduced to a nation in absolute worship of a new president that is nothing more than a media creation. A man, who has not even served one single term as US senator. A man who has so many skeletons in his closet, that any similar candidate would have been immediately discounted.

    Every great power in history eventually declined. Some very smart people are saying the same thing - America is on its way down.
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  3. I think this says it all.

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  4. The thoughts of decline should be more attached to reign of "W" I say "W" will be remembered as fondly as NERO was in ROME.

  5. Let's not throw in the towel yet, dave.

    There are alot of people (58,279,894 ) 46% of the popular vote
    voted for McCain. I don't think they are worshiping at the Obama alter.

    America is still the greatest nation on the planet!!
  6. I believe "fucking crazy" applies well to you
  7. What, more skeletons that George Dubyas coke habit in College?

  8. Is that the good news or the bad news?

  9. I'm not conveying that as news-- just stating a fact.

  10. Yes, Barry did booze, mary jane and coke. He must have a really screwed up mind.

    He will make his presidency all about race. Which one, I am not clear on since he is of at least 2 races.
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