I believe in freedom ... but I'll wear a mask because ...

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  1. kandlekid


    I believe in freedom ... but I'll wear a mask because ... well, my freedom (in this small thing) is less important than your life.
    Unfortunately, since this virus is so unpredictable, we must all make a few sacrifices for the common good.
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  2. gaussian


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  3. Amun Ra

    Amun Ra

    Please make sure you stop driving then too since more than 1.35 million people are killed worldwide every year. Will you make this sacrifice? No, of course not because you don't really care about peoples lives over your freedom. You won't sacrifice to possibly save those people will you? Why not? Because there's no virtue signalling points involved.
  4. Nine_Ender


    Only a dumb guy like you equates the rights to drive a car with having to wear a face mask. It's guys like you that are responsible for these massive US outbreaks.
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  5. Amun Ra

    Amun Ra

    Guys like me don't live in liberal shithole cities where all the infections occur. Its your liberal murderer heroes like Andrew Cuomo that knowingly put infected people into nursing homes killing 1000s of people.
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  6. Nine_Ender


    Don't tax that under performing brain of yours too hard on this. Try to stay on topic.
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  7. ElCubano


    No it’s more like don’t text and drive or drive wreckless. That’s what it equates to. So not wearing your mask is like driving drunk or any of the above.
  8. Nine_Ender


    Some of these guys will never learn. That's why it has to be a crime with meaningful punishment to them to get them to act in a reasonable manner.
  9. Some believe 2nd hand cigarette smoke kills over 650K a year in the US. Will people who smoke quit anytime soon to save others? Will the guberment illegalize this useless crap? Should we wear masks to prevent this from happening to us? Where do the Democrats stand on this?
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  10. I finally took the knee after Publix started requiring them a couple of weeks ago.

    Such a scam. I wonder what is next.
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