I beleive in Buy and hold, its the American way

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  1. 1) It's easy, only one decision

    2) your broker will love you

    3) your mutual fund will love you

    4) You can never be wrong, since you only lose when you sell.

    I love buy and hold
  2. Do you also love American Idol?
  3. nah the american way is to buy and hold and then lever it up 40x
  4. Number 4) means you're stupid. very much so, almost unbelievably so.
  5. This work in the late 90's now good luck with that strat.
  6. Buy & hold is a good idea...

    as long as you buy enough stock to take control of the board ;)

    (like Buffet does...)
  7. Buy and Hold is a great strategy for those who have no idea what they're doing.
  8. I believe in the integrity of my elected representatives.

    I believe in the integrity, strength and value of the US $

    I believe in the full faith and credit of the USG

    I believe every word spoken by a bureaucrat

    Hmm.....I also believe those guys that just pulled up in the paddy wagon with the straight-jacket are here for me.........gotta go..
  9. They've been f%%%king with your head for generations. Bring Back Public Hanging.

    That cigarettes are still sold is proof there are some (many) people that need a good neck stretch.

  10. One of us is a nitwit.

    Guess who.

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