I automated my trading with buy and sell so I money make

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by typical ET, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. you can if you know automate when people sell to you and you buy and make lot of moneys, everything I learned Ivanovich teached me.

    you can trade or let computer trade but don't let computer touch your wife too :) :) (because it will you know)
  2. Ivanovich honor me with your presence, tell the people how you made me suck you off for a trading indicator :(

    turns out it was RSI at 14 :( :(
  3. but he wasn't all bad to me, we had fun in our relationship as well, we ran naked across the meadows

    we danced in the rain

    I still have feelings for Ivanovich the brilliant trader who MODS the ET as well
  4. Ivan accept this poem from me

    when the moon is fool
    and grass is glass

    will you come back to me
    will you come back to me

    when the star becomes bar
    and vodka turns to tar

    will you come back to me
    will you come back to me
  5. ah who am I kidding, I'd gut him like a fish :p :p :p
  6. you're losing it kid
  7. lost it long ago :p

    Ivanovich took my virginity long ago :p :p

    (that was funny and you know it was)
  8. good morning Ivan did you see this thread :D