I assume everyone has heard about this one by now...

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  1. schweiz


    I read in European papers too that it is possible that Cotten run away with the money.
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  2. Pekelo


    I think he and/or the real owners of the company were raiding the capital during the last 2 years. Maybe investing in questionable assets and lost. This exit scam was done by either Cotten or he is murdered and the perfect scapegoat. No loose ends...

    Here is a summary of the story:

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  3. maxinger


    The way I see, cyptocurrency bitcoin technology is for very low security transaction.

    It will die from its natural death.

    perception : cypto currency uses a very smart very secure blockchain technology.

    fact : lots of cypto coins have disappeared.
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  4. tsznecki


    I'm not going to dox myself. You believe me or you don't.

    You have a fact wrong: Bitfinex has nothing to do with Quadriga.
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    You might just be confused about how it works.

    Crypto is essentially cash. If you bury a bunch of cash somewhere and forget the location, its gone. Crypto disappears kind of the same way.

    Will crypto like BTC and etc die off? Who knows.

    But having national currencies become crypto? That's a reality.
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  6. Pekelo


    They are tied via Panama based Cryptocapital Co. You are debating less relevant facts by the way. Even having a physical address wouldn't prove their solvency.

    But anyhow dear internet stranger, are you saying everything is fine with QuadrinaCX and costumers will get back their money soon? Because I trust you, you know...
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  7. tsznecki


    Cryptocapital is a payment processor for Cex.io, Quadriga, Bitfinex and others. They are not tied together via any sort of ownership structures. These are all very relevant facts by the way.

    No I do think Quadriga has absolutely lost all the crypto, fiat maybe they have some of it.

    I'm trying to keep this civil, but given the insinuations and accusations you are making I figure we are probably 1 post away from ad hominem attacks.
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  8. I see this in a good way and also a bad way.

    There is a small percentage of people who lose their wallets, and lose the passwords to their wallets. And every day this number probably grows. And since they have no access to funds this means they can't sell. And since they can't sell, that means less circulation, and higher prices for crypto.

    And part of what makes Bitcoin so volatile is the fact that there isn't as much in circulation as Ethereum or other alts. Who knows? Maybe the price of Bitcoin will skyrocket when enough losers have somehow managed to lose their wallets.
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