I aspire to be a Trading Guru...

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  1. So, how much +$$$ per year audited results would be good enough for me to sell my DVD course for $1,995 ?

    I am going for $100,000/yr and I think that should put in in the top percentile of all gurus.
  2. Here's some humor for you.

    The audited results of people I give it away to (or I trade for as a courtesy) are ten times higher that your future targeted income.

    Do you even know what the most common offer is when people ask another person to trade for them??
  3. Grob.. I don't know much.. hence the thread.

    Thus, $1,000,000 per year would put me into the guru stratosphere.
  4. the best way to be a guru is to never let them see you actually trade and make money. just dazzle them with bullshit.
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    I'm looking for Wall Street Guru for long time..., now I achieved my goal. I want to see them not for getting something from them but to know how they trade...:)
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    Yes. And of course, it does require the ability to write a book. (Or have someone write it for you.)
  7. I was actually thinking about it. I want to write a book and print only a limited supplies of them. So, my books will be going for huge bucks. $2,000 a book etc. Even if the books are good or not, the people who have them won't sell.. b/c they hold on hoping for more.. & the people who haven't read them want to buy it now thus bidding the price up even more.

    Then, my $5,000 per presentations wouldn't be too much.
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    Well, you're definitely thinking like a guru.:p
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    First, get a new id and use that so you can just vanish when it all hits the fan. Then start making extreme predictions. If they all miss, create a new persona and start over. Eventually you'll hit the jackpot and the markets will make the massive move you forecasted.

    Then you milk it for all it's worth. Show everybody the proof that you made the great call that would have made anybody who listened rich beyond the dreams of avarice. Charge em plenty to sign up for your forecasting service. No more wild calls for you, stick to conservative ones that are more likely to be right, and easier to explain when they are wrong.

    As the success fades due to repeated failed calls, start charging less for your newsletters, phone calls, text messages and websites. Eventually it all dies down, and you start over with yet another name.

    Pretty standard stuff. I should write a book on how to do this. :D
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