I asked a bad poll question?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Mr. Gates, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. My recent poll on correlation between lower active users and more trolls like T28 was deleted. Why?

    I only ask with the utmost respect since I thought it was a legit question.
  2. My poll question asked whether the recent -50% drop in "active users" on ET, including big drops in members and guests was in direct correlation to the upswing in trolls controlling ET. By allowing the slime to run wild, ET has lost credibility.

    I am visitng ET less often now as IMO ET has lost valuable credibility by allowing slime like T28 to run rampant.

  3. The poor bastard pretty much imploded on this thread. Here's the link


    Oh and then there's this one


    You can have a laugh reading in either direction on this one where Trader28 discloses that he is actually a chat room lurker....

    "Oh how the mighty have fallen" pretty much sums it up

    Of course the guy has no shame so I guess he'll just change his handle again and soldier on......