I argue that government is truly looking out for all of us.

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  1. namefull


    People can not handle too much bad information.

    People can handle wars and even economic depressions, but we can not handle truly dark information lurking in files of Q clearance.

    If you think that I am talking about murders, subversions, them pulling of 9/11.


    I am talking about terrors that would freeze your soul, mystical knowledge that would threaten existence and stability of entire human race.

    How would a human race like to know that they are just someone’s short term school project.

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    Rennick Butthead out
  3. pamjoey


    R U Kidding? Do you really think the government is looking out for you? Oh please...... give us a break LOL
  4. namefull


    you all missed my point I am not talking about international problems

    I thought I made that clear
  5. pamjoey


    maybe, i am not to bright. But, its not that clear to me. Would you please, clarify it.

  6. Aliens odds on fav.
  7. namefull


    if I did that, I would have to track your IPs and their IPs

    do major checking and surveillance and clip all of you

    big job, :(
  8. namefull


    I don't even know what you mean but its funny :)
  9. pamjoey


    you can't clarify? LOL

    Then I will say what I said earlier:

    The government is not looking out for us. If you believe they are, you are are entitled to your opinion.

    But, you better look out for yourself, and not leave it up to any government.
  10. namefull


    I'll clarify somewhat, since I don't want to have to clip you :)

    we live in a world within a world

    we live in the physical, which we didn't even come close to mastering

    but right here among us and the rest of the universe another realm exists filled with life

    this life is capable of good and bad, and bad ones are in charge for now anyway.

    they pity us, and frankly can wipe us out in a flash, they probably think they would do us a favor since we are so miserable and not worthy in their opinion.

    and our science and government can't do anything about it.

    so we pretend it doesn't exist, and hope for the best

    in all honesty we don't know 100% what their plan is regarding human race,

    let me put it this way, we can understand the needs of a cat or dog

    but can our pets understand complexities of being human
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