I am your god Apophis

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  1. [​IMG]

    People of Earth, serve me and you shall live as Jaffa

    KREE !!!! :mad:
  2. how appropriate that this is in psychology forum

    I have this belief that I am better than all of you

    is that a problem in the head perhaps
  3. No, you are just stupid, occupying one more alias to prove that your parents must be deeply ashamed they ever spawned you.
  4. Sounds like... even looks like NObama! :D
  5. As a professional psychologist I am amused by statements like that.
  6. Good thing. I'm regarded as a rather funny and clever fellow... except I wasn't trying to be funny (the "looks" comment was just for grins) :D
  7. That comment was addressed to the OP, not you, sorry for misunderstanding. :)
  8. CET


    If you put down the crack pipe then your superiority complex would be solved.
  9. now there is a good advice if there ever was one :p
  10. thank you for your input

    I hope you learned to trade by now, since you are obviously smarter than me :cool:
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