I am willing to pay 150 bucks (valid for 6 months) to get High Class ET membership.

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by JohnathanIII, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Look

    Sure I can go down on everybody level and have fun

    screw around, tell jokes, talk religion and bull$&*t

    But if you opened special membership that only people with money would pay 150 bucks for 6 months user name and password.

    I would join and others would join just so we have a chance to take the discussion to a whole new level

    Serious people talking serious business, trading, politics, etc

    Regular folks can still keep their regular ET membership.

    I am sick and tired of educating people here to have a discussion with them. I am making an assumption that people who would pay 150 bucks to join would be far better informed.
  2. ET operators

    You are not communists are you ?? :D

    Just kiddin
  3. I suggested this exact same model to Baron years ago . . . but he is not open to it at all. He just doesn't care.

    If he really wanted to make this an ELITE website, he'd START by getting rid of the "Politics & Religion" forum, but he won't do it.

    It's a shame, but Baron just doesn't care.
  4. Clearly Baron doesn't want to change what's been proven to work.

    Taking a bit of a risk can pay off big time long term.
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    Hey Johnny...

    If you believe that, then I suggest you open your own website. Let's see you beat what's been done here.
  6. LOL that's exactly the point

    You don't know of any great traders making great calls because they wouldn't dare waste their time on mosh pit that ET is most of the time.

    Get it ?

    They need better. They need more than what is provided. And they would be willing to pay for it.

    150 bucks in nothing for about 5 % of ET
  7. I know for a fact that most good traders don't want to share much because everyone on ET seeing it feels like throwing pearls before pigs.
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    For you guys that haven't been around ET from the beginning via as a registered member or lurker (not registered)...

    The moderation was tough because there was no Politics & Religion threads. Simply, all that stuff you see today in the chit chat and PR threads was being posted in the trading threads. ET was a big mess even though some may say it wasn't that bad.

    Members complained and then the chit chat and PR threads were born so that those types of folks had their own island to play on without bothering the other folks (traders). In fact, Baron did get rid of those areas once and all those traders reacted by posting that crap in the trading areas. That caused Baron to bring back chit chat and the PR threads.

    As for a fee-base member area...too many competitive forums in place to pick up all those members that don't want to pay. Simply, Baron probably has done the math that those few paying members will not be enough to compensate for the loss sponsorship revenue via result of the loss of viewership/click rates et cetera.

    Here's a suggestion, those that are willing to pay could just pay a fee and Baron will ensure you see no advertisements, automatic ignore list for any trader that post more than a certain number of message posts in the chit chat or PR threads and automatic ignore of the chit chat and PR threads themselves. :D

    If your reply is that you don't need to pay to not see that stuff because you can simply not visit those areas along with aggressively updating your personal ignore list...I think that's the point Baron is trying to make.

    Last of all, I always find it FUNNY and RIDICULOUS that those complaining about ET not being a professional forum, more often than not are the traders that hang out in the Chit Chat and Political & Religion threads. Baron should just ban those types of folks that complain it's unprofessional at ET if those doing the complaining are visiting or posting in the Chit Chat and Political & Religion threads. :cool:

    At least put them on a master ignore list so that serious traders won't even see them the few times they leave that island to venture back to the mainland. :cool:

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    So, the bottom line is this: Are you in control of your mouse, or is your mouse in control of you?
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