I am very pro war

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    I am english-we baets the scots/welsch- we even set the white house on fire- and we have nuke subs parolling
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    Your "English" sucks.
  3. If you beat the scots/welsch...why does scotland and wales still exist?

    England has had its ass kicked many times in history. Scotland was a bunch of farmers that ran you off. Spain also beat your ass. Hell, you English gave us less trouble than Iraq/afganistan. We beat you in 8 years in the revolutionary war (with muskets!!!)

    In 1838 you invaded afganistan and those savages chased you out in 4 years with sticks & rocks. Look at us...they know they have no hope of ever getting us out cause when we go to war, we do it right.

    America has never lost a war. England has lost many wars

    America > England
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    Drunk maybe?
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    parolling welsch, we're going to defcon 3 here.
  6. Don't forget the War of 1812, when the Brits actually burned down the White House. It took a great deal of strength, and help from the French at the Battle of New Orleans. We have our National Anthem from that war, not to mention 'In 1814 I took a little trip, down the might Mississippi to the town of New Orleans, we ran so fast the hounds couldn't catch us' and the rest I can't think of off hand.

  7. And, since you're 'pro war' I assume you've never been in the Military, right?

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    Thanks for the information. I never realized that we won the Vietnam War. I never realized that the Iraq War was a victory, rather than a complete botch, leading to a state of anarchy worse than the rule of Sadaam Hussein.
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    Is this yet another alias for thehitman = american hero = Jake Jones?
  10. Again, I'm just too naive I guess. Now that you mention it, I guess it is most likely. Even more weird, all these names.

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