I am very new and need help

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by NoCake, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. NoCake



    I have just installed plus500 and will try to learn how it works.

    Can you let me know what I should better learn to be successful? Should I learn economics and about companies and markets and so on, read news and know all details about companies.

    O maybe there are any other possibilities to see when company will start growing and I will earn with my positions. Maybe I can see it from the graph I have now? Maybe it was written on graphic a day or hour ago, that there will be any drop or rise.

    Or maybe I must know both methods?

    Can you give me any directions or minds?

  2. BSAM


    Are you talking about day trading?
  3. My favorite book is Forex Patterns and Probabilities by Ed Ponsi.

    It's taken me a lot of experiences to get to a point where I narrowed down my preferences like do I want to use a trend following strategy or contrarian or individual stocks or indices or which time frame, blah, blah, blah.
  4. NoCake


    Yes. I can change my position a day several times.

    Some MACD indicators, but it is known by everybody who trades. So maybe there are any golden rules or smth I can start with.

    Sure after decrease there must be increase. But sometimes happens that after decrease I get higher decrease and so on :)
  5. Yes, when someone names "Jack Hershey" shows up and starts offering you 50 paragraph posts containing bizarre graphs and none of it makes any sense...

    Run in the other direction!!!
  6. TheMan


    1. dont use indicators

    2. only use price action, volume and s/r

    that should save you about 5 years off your learning curve
  7. spindr0


    Carefully follow the instructions of the 14th poster in this chain.

    If no 14th poster shows up, consider used car sales.
  8. NoCake


    Can you explain it, please? "only use price action, volume and s/r"

    And if posters do not know what to say, do not post anything better, because your jokes are stupid.
  9. joe4422


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  10. NoCake


    Ok. Thank you. If any pro have any answer or could give me any directions, please, PM me, I unfollow this post.

    Actually in other forum I already got some answers... Do not understand these posters before...

    THANK YOU !:(
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