I am trying to give my money away. No one will take it

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Green_Ring, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. The prop firm business has to be the slezziest business ever.

    I have called a bunch of firms.


    I so played around a bit and left messages for prop firms and was like, hey I like your company and I am ready to move forward, please send me the paperwork. Incredible, NO ONE CALLS BACK.

    And I also like the, "I'm sorry we can't talk. Call back after the close" ha ha ha, usually this is the admin guy who isn't even trading. What horribly run business operations. If someone is ready to buy, you don't tell them, "just call back after the close"
  2. which firms did you contact?
  3. Tell them you heard on ET that they are a reputable trading firm...

    They'll glue their phones down.

    Also, maybe they got a margin call and aren't interested in answering the phones...
  4. ha ha ha ha ha.

    I should try that

  5. oh geez TONS!!!!!
  6. punter


    you aren't a CUSTOMER...this isn't retail. you don't decide who you want to trade with. call etrade/ib and you'll get the kind of reaction you want.
  7. useless post.
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    What a waste of time, go prank call a taco bell or something! Stop posting nonsense
  9. Green Rig - Your right! I heard a lot of top traders did not make any money last year. And I heard some firms covered their traders losses but not all of it. All the unregistered trading firms are at risk right now with new talks of changing legislation, separating prop firms from banks etc and registering hedge funds and venture capitalists as well as Trader Tax. Nobody knows whats going to happen.

    And to top it off the volume in this market has been dry until recently it has been a picking up with a slow steady grind.

    It is difficult right now to find a good group to work with...........

    ----You have firms that are not registered but offer interesting rates and payouts, but horrible trading platforms and system freezes and glitches.

    ----You have firms that require all 3 securities licenses but horrible rates, payout and expensive monthly fees and do not cover your losses past your initial deposit.

    ----You have firms that require a big chunk of an initial deposit but only require the Series 7 and not the Series 55, and 63. Which I do not understand. But they can provide u with an extreme amount of leverage.

    ----You have firms now leaving NASD and registering with CBOE.

    ---You have firms that say if you leave they state that FINRA requires them to hold your initial deposit for a year.

    The Stock Market industry has been decimated. Maybe the government should go decimate and regulate the power energy sector since all those traders are making over $500k a year

  10. a lot of good traders are either out of the game now or just scraping by. the low volume has been very destructive for scalpers
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