i am trading ~2000 contracts per month

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by logis, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. logis


    CME (es/nq)
    currently with IB
    any suggested broker with trading lower fees?
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  2. maxinger


    strange ....

    with such a big quantity, we should be asking you and
    not the other way round.
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  3. narafa


    Are you on fixed or tiered plan with IB? If on fixed, switch to tiered.
  4. logis


    it will lower fees from 2.1 to 1.9.
    wondering is there is any better offer
  5. virtusa


    I don't agree.

    A trader who can trade 2000 contracts a month profitably, shows he knows how to trade.

    Has nothing to do with knowledge about how to get lower fees. I had the same problem long time ago. Had to find out about CME membership, lease or not lease a seat, find cheaper brokers....

    Chech this out, can safe you a lot of money (contact Optimus and ask them to explain you):


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  6. How long do u hold per trade on average?
  7. logis


    intraday only
  8. virtusa


    I did not know that the average holding time has an impact on the commission. :D
  9. narafa


    Check Tradestation, can go to $1.5 per contract per side (If you are eligible for their zero commission as a US customer/resident).
  10. logis


    thanks but i am not
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