I am told this insanely march in Stockholm is soccer-related

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    If you're from the US or maybe Canada its hard to understand the fundamental importance of football (soccer).

    Bill Shankly, legendary Liverpoool manager, was accused of treating football as if it was a matter of life and death. He replied "Its more important than that".
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  3. Hmm, I seem to remember riots after almost every championship win by whoever in whatever sport in the U.S. these days. Cars tipped and set on fire, buildings vandalized, and fights before during and after games. A buddy who drove to an Eagles vs. Packers game in Philly had his back window shattered and mirrors broken off. Most likely because he had a Packers sticker in the rear window(really smart guy, with no common sense). We have huge parades in the city of the championship winning team. Not much different I think.
    I will say when we were in England with our youngest and his club team to train with England club teams we went to a game, and that was hilarious. Stoke City vs. Chelsea, the fans had separate entrances, and everyone was wanded and searched. There were 2 rows of security personnel where the opposing fan sections were next to each other, and still people were reaching over the security people to throw punches. They also had some great songs they modified that would definitely have been kept off air.
    I remember my Dad going berserk watching his beloved Notre Dame. Our dogs would go to the other end of the house on Saturdays.
    I think Shankly summed it up for all pro(college too) sports these days. Why the hell else do people pay $100 for an "authentic" jersey? Hey, I love Lambeau field in Green Bay, but anymore the idea of spending a couple hundred to freeze my ass off, miss some plays, etc., no thanks. Yet, they sell out every game, and quite a few of those people can barely make their car or mortgage payment, but can find the money to go worship a bunch of rich dudes running around cracking their skulls.
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