I am thinking of buying a GAS SCOOTER

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  1. We have two vehicles. 2000 Chevey Venture, gets about 26 hwy /21 city mpg. Then we have a 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada, gets about 19/17 mpg.

    We are consuming about $400 a month in gas. About 75% of it is mine. I am thinking, If I get a scooter, just for work, pay about $1200 to $1300 for a 150cc, holds 1.5 gallons to the tank and can get up to 75 mpg and pay about , $20 a month for gas, I would get my money back in about 4 months.

    My only concerene scooters any good, wil they last. Any advice...

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    Pray it does not rain?
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    Go Japanese,not Italian and you will be fine...
  4. I hope you don't commute I-290.

  5. I did some rough math and take a guess you're doing between 75-100 miles a day...is that right?

    Have you considered a grease car? If you live in cold climate you'll need the warmer too.

    Is it relatively flat terrain? Maybe pedal power..just think of the shape you'll be in.

    Scooter is a good way to go also.
  6. Yeah, one way is 41 miles, however we are moving to another office and this one will be 9 miles one way. At this ratio, then my van will probally last almost one month; ofcourse not taking into consideration the weekends, but still. To fill up the mini van, we are talking about 24 gallons at $3.75 (for now) or $90 or 24 days With a scooter, that same $90 will last me 100 days!!! at 75 mpg
  7. I'm riding a bicycle around now for most of my purposes. When it's raining, though, I really can't do that.
  8. On a serious note, don't underestimate how much more risk you will have riding a scooter. You might be saving money, but your chances of getting into a serious accedent are at least 10 times greater then in a car. I've been riding for 10 years and people don't pay attention when they drive, especially in the mornings on the way to work.
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    100% true statement.
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