i am the president tell me what you not happy with

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mr double, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. :)
  2. BSAM


    I'm not happy with you spending your time in chit chat on elitetrader.com.
  3. I'd like one more "No doc" refi. Just one....... This would be the big one to take me into retirement. Thanks Obama.

    ps. It would be nice if you could send Dick Fuld a Christmas card this year.
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  5. LEAPup


  6. JamesL


    Can you stop being a jackass and at least pretend to act Presidential and stop disgracing the office?
  7. Obama, whazzup with all these academics you hire. You never hire anybody named "Angelo or Tony or Petey or Pauley.
  8. LEAPup


    Mr. President, will you hire my Friends Gino, and Joey to "take care" of business the right way?:D

    Oh I'm sorry, the IRS already knows a business model close to that.:mad: