I am the person all you laughed at bought OIL at 57 Stop at 29, now holding to 88+

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Stefo, May 28, 2009.

  1. Stefo


    Yes it came close to my stop, but it didn't hit.

    I will be the last one laughing

    forget the cheap oil girls and boys, not gonna happen within your life time

    Dick Chaney wants oil up
    Putin wants oil up
    Iran wants oil up
    Saudis want oil up


    so it will go up
  2. Stefo


    with all the world going to hell, my OIL target will hit for sure within 14 months or so
  3. get over yo self no one care bout you boy
  4. Stefo


    hypo we have both sunk very low to still be on ET :(
  5. yo omar jus joined elitet what is a hypo?

    get over yo self yo

  6. Actually, c-kid, we laugh at you for many different reasons. Like you posting this thread about oil in "Ag Futures".
  7. :cool:

    C-Kid, huh?

    I should've known.

    He had me at "Dick Chaney wants oil up."
  8. and now relegated to chit chat hell.

    oh, the indignity