I am the Greatest at the age of 25

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  1. One can dream... right?
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    Greatest? Can you do better than that?

    Greatest at 25, you are peaking too early.

    This mean you can go no higher and can only go down hill from there. OK, or go flat.
  3. :(

    It is tough being a SKILLED speculator.

    To know that you are better than most, also sucks. It is like you have something to guard over.... It takes efforts to hide your skills.
  4. I don't know how the great ones keep quite. It takes hard work.

    But, at the same time some have given into the pressure. Seykota etc come to mind, as someone with something worthwhile. While others bullshit around being a great Market forecaster.
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    ^^^big doses of humbleness are needed...works out even better when you didn't come from much/came from a lower position to start with.

    Greatest at 25? Good. Now be the greatest at 26.
  6. Why do a relative few win in the markets while the majority lose over the longer term.

    When do the majority win on a temporary basis?

    Why must the majority lose?
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  8. 1) Most are sheep.. they sign up for a $1,995 trading camp and fund their account, trade for a while, blow their account, get bored and move on to their next merry pursuit.

    2) Majority loses in the long run no matter what because of the nature of the markets. The STRONGest must win out.. its the law of the Jungle.
  9. When do the majority win on a temporary basis?
  10. I am not sure.. maybe that effective theory about the market is true... I mean, the Efficient Market Hypothesis theory. Some PhDs from Hardvard came up with it.
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