I am the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter

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  1. Yahoo headline: Zsa Zsa's husband: I might be baby's dad

    Just to set the record straight I am the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter. All these other "father" claims are false and I will prove it. I had an affair with Ms. Smith in Las Vegas around December of 2005.
  2. Rubbish! She flew to Australia 'to get away from it all' I met her at the Hard Rock Cafe in Melbourne, I invited her to my house, we chatted while I checked the pre-open quotes on my laptop* on the deckchairs next to the pool by moonlight then we skinnydipped and ****ed!

    * It must be remembered the NYSE and NASDAQ markets open at 1:30 am at midnight here in Australia:D
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    Geez, who's next, Darth Vader?

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    Actually, I think the evidence points to the Vice President. After all, it's pretty obvious that she loves Dick.
  5. I am loathe to post this as the Mrs. occasionlly paruses these forums. I must admit that I Rennick apple-treed her at the VFW convention in Vegas two years ago. I bought her three fingers of Cutty which she used to wash down a handful of muscle relaxers. Thirty minutes later I was doing things to her that you wouldn't do to a farm animal. Back in the Korean conflict I was a seamen, that night I put it all over her ass. I saw a picture of her kid and I must admit she sports the Rennick good looks. Therefore I'm probably the pop.

    Rennick Bigalow out :D