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  1. at doing everything wrong.

    Top that... I'm hoping I'll get on a winning streak soon. Currently, going through a unlearning process - trying to study/research on winners.
  2. Good luck to you. The market is a risky place. Win some, lose some I guess.
  3. aaronk321,

    Welcome to ET
  4. Choppy waters lately.

    Choppier than since I was trading for the first time myself, way back when, in June of '06.
  5. What were your last 5 trades?...I know you got burned on GROW... what set-ups are you trading/ time frames?.

  6. Currently, I'm holding brlc @ 7.39, SYX @18.60, apac @ 4.74, frpt @16.8.

    Swingtrading.. lately I've been churning anywhere from a day to three days. I should have held longer on some positions eg. GROW, my WYNN,CIEN and C options

    Unbelievable I'm all green today except for APAC.

  7. If you are getting far more losses than profits consider being short when you are long and viceversa.

    You would make money with that. This is called a contrarian strategy.

    It may sound weird, but remember, you invest to make money, not to be right.
  8. Partial quote form aaronk321:
    "...Currently, going through a unlearning process - trying to study/research on winners."

    2 cents: If not using it yet, consider the classic MACD as one of your weapons in this difficult arena. Google it. Study it. Master it. Dozens of people have good set ups explained int the internet.

    There is only one certainty with MACD: it is a lagging indicator, thus will never give you the low and the high of the move. But gives you the move. All you have to do is ride the move like the surfer over the wave, or our cowboys on top of the bull.

  9. I shorted the first time ever the last couple of weeks and I failed miserably on my puts for CFC, WYNN, and RIMM

  10. Hey,

    Look at the bright side, at least you didn't blow $3000 on Wizetrade!

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