I am teaching my sister trading, and I had to threaten her

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cold, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. cold


    I have desire to teach you guys, to show you what kind of twisted personality is required to "make it" in trading.

    as some of you know who follow my posts, I became a god in trading, but I had to stop trading due to life circumstances and will continue later

    but my sister wanted to learn, and because skirts are not focused, women also don't know a thing about suffering and hard work and sacrifices

    I told her, listen sis, you are my sis but if you tell trading secrets to your husband or your children, or to our mother or father or anyone ever

    I will get someone to finish you and send you to "fertile hunting grounds" (afterlife)

    you see my dear ETers, a true genius is able to foresee possible problems in all situations, even when it comes to family etc

    ok you have learned a bit from me,

    now leave me be

  2. LOL, stupidest fucking post of the week ... and it's only Tuesday.
  3. cold


    says a man with nothing to protect,

    you think I am some half wit like you that does 30-40 % per year :cool:
  4. Cold, I dont know who you think believes anything you say or respects you in the slightest, but you are an anonymous blowhard that has never contributed anything here in regards to trading.
  5. If you really feel that way ... then don't teach her.

    now, it is you who have learned something from me, so leave me be. :D
  6. cold


    hmm... OR maybe you just can't read an comprehend life's valuable lessons :p
  7. sorry, I havent seen any from you that I can recall teaching anything. I do recall many where you state how great you are.

  8. cold


    well by all means, click on my posts, and start from beginning, from my first post and read on :)
  9. did that, didnt find anything useful. I guess you are a rockstar in your own mind. To each his own...

  10. Hey, I taught my sister my trading secrets and you know what she said?
    "Brother, could I have some fries with that." What the heck does she mean by that?
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