I am taking out 50% out of my IB account, my money no longer safe in USA

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  1. I've been a trader in the 90s now I am more of a investor. I also did angel investing which failed few times, the time that succeeded made up and more for the loses.

    Some of the most popular cell phone games that you guys heard about or played, I was the one who made it possible.

    I saw the bubbles bursting in 99 and 2000 and saved my capital. I am holding gold position since 950 [still holding BTW] and I've been holding oil position since 41 on the second upswing [still holding BTW]

    I don't have formal education but I got a degree in school of hard knocks. I've dodged bullets [financial bullets] because of my nose, my instinct.

    Enough about me.

    Lets talk the future.

    My nose is telling me that it is smart to cash out 50% of capital, into cash or something else highly liquid. I think we are going to have a surprise in politics and markets. I can feel it.

    Points to grab

    * Obama is clueless and Romney wants 2 trillion into military, if you are smart I don't need to explain further.

    *Markets are rising because of FED, nothing else, nuff said.

    *War in middle east on false pretext is a real possibility, last 2 wars worked out just great for the American people and economy, well what do you think next war will suddenly break the trend ???

    *Education of American people is absolutely useless, it is as if American people lost ability of common sense. Just take a look around ET, you know who you are. This goes beyond stupidity, as if people are lobotomized or something.

    I urge you to follow my nose, go cash for at least 12 months, go cash NOW, cause it might be too late later.

    Remember, wire transfers take usually 2 days with IB, if something happens, you won't be able to get it in time.

    My nose has spoken :)
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    So your nose says to put your cash where?
  3. Never into a single thing

    mixture of gold/silver/few pink diamonds/arable farmland/gasoline [if you can storage a lot, this is sure bet]
  4. Care to explain?

  5. I do care to explain, I care to explain this a lot. :(

    You start reading at the top, and you follow the text left to right

    I talk about being angel investor and then right below I talk about cell phone games being very successful and profitable for me.

    Can you as a reader put the 2 and 2 together. Or are you trying to prove my point that American education and common sense is counterfeit. I assume you live and work in US.

    JeeeeeeSus :(
  6. I meant specifics, as in WHICH firms you invested in.

  7. oh ok
    sorry I didn't know what you meant.

    I don't want to give that information because it would be relatively easy to find out my real name, not that I am famous or have anything to hide, but if I wanted my real name on msg boards I wouldn't go as Bernanke :D

    Suffice it to say games that made it to top sellers in the past few years.

    Puzzles, cars, few photo apps.
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    Could it be free energy scams? http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=250546

    This guy believes in perpetual motion machines (suppressed by the gov, of course).

    It's not surprising at all that he has no education. Explains a lot

    [UOTE]Quote from R. Raskolnikov:

    I meant specifics, as in WHICH firms you invested in. [/QUOTE]

  9. You make it sound as if I am ashamed of that thread.

    By all means, I want everyone to go to that thread and run those videos and build their own models.
    From 200 -400 bucks to build and verify, design is incredibly simple.

    CT10Gov you are unknowingly spreading knowledge and enlightenment, thanks :D

    BTW when I think of feeble-minded Americans, I think of you, I am sure you are a nice guy and all. I just think your education and common sense is severely lacking.
  10. WOW! What a professional post! Yes sir!!! I will follow your nose LMAO...NOT! what a ridiculous post obviously from one of the 3 Stooges.:D
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