I am sure am glad there is no inflation

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  1. Our government says as long as you dont eat or drive their is no inflation.

    Boy I sure am glad their is no inflation, that $4.00 gallon of milk I bought yesterday better last.
  2. Drink the milk really slowly, or better yet, split it into two separate, but clean, gallon jugs, and add an equal portion clean cold water.


    The fed wants each of us to fight the inflation battle, since they can't seem to do their one and only job correctly.
  3. Here we go again. This time it is New York Senator Charles Schumer (Mister Mad Cow himself) trying to score browny points with the electorate by slinging dung at the farmers over milk prices.

    He says "The bottom line is they are producing at 85 percent capacity when they should be producing over 90 percent. Are they scaling back production? Only by subpoenaing the farmers and looking in their books will we get that answer." according to CNN.

    The man plainly knows little about farming or running a profitable business (but we alreadyy knew that, yuk yuk).. He doesn't read up on milk or anything for that matter before opeing his mouth either by the looks of things. If he did, he'd realize that he is in part responsible for prices being where they are not the farmers.

    He would know that the stupidity over how now brown cows and regional events such as the weather and sometimes the cows just don't feel like trudging to the barn to "give it up".

    He might also know that this country hasn't built a new milk machine since 1976, (not in my backyard) and hasn't encoraged investment in alternative beverages like beer never mind a decent martini.

    If anyone needs auditing its Sen. Schumer and his milk duds in Washington.

    Tell you what senator, do you really believe that $4 is not a fair price to pay for a gallon of milk? US consumers have benefitted from low ice cream prices for years to fill our stretch pants. Why don't you work on raising a cow (small thing in back is tail). No don't bother, I know why. Its just easier to beat up the farmers.
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    good trick to bring inflation down by cool 50%. you should work for government.:)
  5. I think we need to break our dependence on foreign milk
  6. and they wonder why alot give a no confidence to our gov
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    Time for a windfall profits tax on Big Milk. And price controls. Where's the gouging investigations by the senate and house? There's no problem so big that government can't step in and make it even worse, by golly.
  8. Can't set monetary policy according to energy and food induced inflation.

    yoy on core 2.2% running below 2006's core of 2.6%
    Past 3 months alone core running at 1.6% annualized rate.

    So the yields went up on what inflation?
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    There is no inflation, I just paid an extra 16% for a quart of milk, also the OJ i enjoy every morning for breakfast is now over $4.00 for a half gallon.

    Cereal over $5.00 a box.

    Bread over $3.25

    That detergent they call Tide, the nice big one is $16.00

    Ill run through some more numbers at a later date!!!
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    dayum i remember those days...watered down milk and the brick of cheese. :eek: nooooooooooooooooooooo i aint ever going backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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