I am starting a prop firm in NYC

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by NY_HOOD, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. GET ALL YOUR CREDIT CARD CHECKS READY ! also,bring in a bunch of out of shape,poorly dressed 20 and thirty somethings with jeans and coffee stained shirts so i can a picture of my "Loft like environment" that i can put on my web site. the web site will say we are committed to enhancing the trading experience in a professional environment. this will be stated right above a picture of a chinese kid who just turned 21 and got a loan from his uncle Wu who owns a chinese restaurant on broadway and is looking a a level II screen while listening to an IPOD.
    i will have a chief strategic officer,a cfo,a risk management department which some 22 year old trader will be running in the back of our "loft like " office and using a professional yahoo address. of course we will call ourselves a FIRM and our name will include the word "CAPITAL".WE WILL ADVERTISE THAT WE ARE INTERVIEWING PROSPECTIVE TRADERS. the interview will be met with a bunch of very tough questions:forexample,how many credit card checks do you have? if you have a margin call can you call up your credit card company and increase the limit so you can get a cash advance? its obvious you will need to study for these tough questions but like most prop firms,we only accept experienced traders but we have an extensive trading period as well. as you can see,there is some out of shape fat guy who looks like he combed his hair with a fire cracker eating a bag of potato chips and trading;and behind him are his students: a bunch of hasidic jewish kids from monsey new york who were fortunate enough to have saved their batmitza money for a rainy day. it is indeed a rainy day and our training will give them the tools that they need to play the market. i will be opening up shop in about a week and then closing aroung thanksgiving and opening again under a totally different name but still maintaing the word 'CAPITAL". so don't worry.
  2. Where do I sign up? I have all my dead relatives gold teeth and a couple of rolls of quarters!
  3. You actually spent time to type this worthless post.

    I'm looking at charts right now to see how I can be a better trader...
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    more f*n useless drivel from a guy who blew up his account over a year ago
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    NY HOOD just earned a prestigious position on my ignore list!

    Another douchebag.
  6. relax guys,i will accept your credit card checks as well. i will also take gold and silver as well as stamps and baseball cards as a deposit. we run a tight ship in out "loft like" environment.
  7. "OPERATOR"said i actually wasted time writing this and he was busy looking at charts? well he was also busy trolling ET and answering my post so maybe he is not doing what he says.
  8. you have no account and are a fraud.
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  10. i am here to help. just look at my picks on the TRADING forum. i am a force to be reckoned with,not like these only clowns that try and act smart. i am also compassionate and am willing to help anyone and i am serious about that.
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