I am sorry, Mr President. We have failed you.

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  1. I have recently been told that I am one of the millions of Americans who will be afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease..........I now begin the journey that will lead me into the sunset of my life. I know that for America there will always be a bright dawn ahead. Thank you, my friends. May God always bless you.

    -Ronald Reagan,1994,"The Alzeihmer's Letter"

    There is no brighter dawn ahead, the future is bleak for America as we sink into the socialist morass led by an incompetent leadership. I am sorry, President Reagan, we have failed you.
  2. Yup. Most should first look at themselves in the mirror and realize that they are the problem.
    Then they should kill themselves.
  3. Yeah . . . . too many Americans want the President to do everything for them.
  4. reagan was closer to obama than to romney and the republicans of today.
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    Why don't you supply a list to verify your claim?
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    Tsing Tao

    It is always darkest right before dawn.

  7. The real Ronald Reagan may not meet today's GOP standards

    The pragmatic side of the former president, who was willing to compromise when necessary, is overlooked as he becomes a conservative icon.

    As president, the conservative icon approved several tax increases to deal with a soaring budget deficit, repeatedly boosted the nation's debt limit, signed into law a bill granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and, despite his anti-Washington rhetoric, oversaw an increase in the size and spending of the federal government. Before that, as California governor, he enacted what at the time was the largest state tax increase in American history. He also signed into law one of the nation's most permissive abortion bills; any Republican who tried that today would be cast out of the party.

    The fact that Reagan often took the actions grudgingly speaks to what, by modern Republican standards, may be one of the greatest heresies of all: At bottom, Reagan was a pragmatist, willing, when necessary, to cut a deal and compromise.

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    When someone tells you that it can't get any worse, it usually does.
  9. Bad news,

    "You got Cancer."

    "OMG, can it get any worse?"

    "Yes, you have Alzheimers."


    (thinks for a moment)...

    at least I don't have cancer."
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    Tsing Tao

    Never said it couldn't get any worse. Just said it is always darkest right before dawn.
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