I am somewhat... NewToOptions..

Discussion in 'Options' started by RockTheLurker, Jul 25, 2001.

  1. ...and I have traded a few ...

    Mostly I Day&SwingTrade...long&short

    On options,
    sofar I am just about even due to the fact that I was a PIG...and YOU know what they say about
    ....they make GoodRibs!!!

    Well, I found this site and I would appreciate YOUR comments good OR bad ....is this doable and what
    the pitfalls are....



    ....as always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky
  2. ktm


    It's doable...but you could do it yourself. For the $75 per month subscriber fee, you could have a nice real-time charting and quote package, which is what I'd spend the money on if I were you.

    The system is nothing unique or new. He's just pulling out straddles on Monday morning of expiration week. His trades do have some flaws, commissions are not counted and his assumption is that you would always get out at the very highest point. You could likely set up that very scan yourself with little effort and most of the volatility data could be obtained for free en masse over the weekend.

    I'd like to know how many subscribers that guy has. For $75 a month, I'll page you with a couple of good straddle candidates on Monday morning.