I am sick of talking about my job

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  1. what ever happened to tithing?

    I'm cool with 10%

    that's the Christian way

    aw man, you mean it costs you 50% to be a hindu?

    That's a little pricey for me

    I guess it's time to go to

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  2. It was tongue in cheek.

    But if you consider Fed, State, Social Security, Sales, secured property, unsecured property, luxury, fuel, etc... taxes, it adds up to over 50% of what you earn going into taxes.
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  3. Quit while you're behind. Time to gas up the jet? Say hi to Blankfein.
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  4. Heh..glad you asked.It`s one of the major misconception as with almost everything in Christianity.When you give away 50%,where 40% out of it covers your past sins,but 10% will give you a piousness here and now.Give away 50% and it will keep coming to you forever.This is how the Universe works.Christianity or Hindu have nothing to do with it.The Absolute has set the standard.You can throw all the religions and its fairy tales down the toilet.

    But you and i, being a dumbshits(according to the same tradition,in this age 75% are dumbshits,by nature), will try to doubt it,and will stay in our shitholes frustrated,don`t we.
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  5. I am not him.

    I made a joke, ok, you don't find it humorous, fine with me. You do live up to your reputation, whatever.
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  6. well I wll say this, 50% it's simple and easy to remember.

    And that's about what they get you for, whether it's the church or the government.

    But that's it. No more.
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  7. the thing is

    look at 50% India

    and look at the good old 10% Christian USA
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  8. Handle123


    I keep waiting, but no one wants to pay high rate, so friends know better than to ask any more.
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  9. nevermind,they may easily switch places next life.
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  10. You work for a living? I find it humorous that you have the stones to bitch when you're paying cap gains and not tax on earned income. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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