I am sick of talking about my job

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by taclander, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Don't hold your breath. Man, are you delusional.
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  2. Bob111


    lol +1

    or OP is the one,who talks too much about it with neighbors /friends or whatever..like i said above-been trading for a decade or so-i never run into such "annoyance" :p

    i personally consider this trading stuff more like a hobby,not a job.
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  3. Re APPL, reminds me of that story about 2 traders discussing stocks. One guy asks the other "what are you buying." He says, "APPL". A few minutes go by and APPL is going up, a lot of buying. The guy runs back to his friend and said "I'm buying APPL, too."

    Now the guy who just boought APPL notices the price dropping, a lot of selling and mentions this to his friend, "Why is APPL going down, somebody is selling." He says "Yea, I'm selling all my APPL." "But why? You said you owned it and it's a good stock?"

    "Well, we both can't be right."
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  4. HAhahaha, LMAO. :D
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  5. I do... its called US INCOME TAX

    50% of what I earn goes to the 50% of American's who do not work.
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  6. who needs God or the church anymore?

    when you have the US Federal Government?
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  7. Wow, you're above the 39.6% rate. Amazing.
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  8. actually, that's not quite true, 50% are so poor, by the time they pay medicare taxes, and social security taxes, and fuel taxes, and sales tax, there really isn't much left to tax.

    If you own ym, you can make out ok, because walmart pays their employees so little that they qualify for food stamps. So you get the profits, and the taxpayer pays the bill.
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  9. According to the Vedic tradition your doing a fair good job.50/50 is the standard.Don`t worry,God will let your income coming eternally,if your doing so.
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  10. OOOOk, yea your right. That is why I have posted soooooo much since I signed onto this site.
    Actually, my wife is in the medical field so at each party I hear that question, as they are all geniuses in their own minds. I come here as last I checked this was about traders and trading and issues related to such issues.
    Maybe you should go to a site that looks into whatever you do.
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