I am sick of talking about my job

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  1. I have reached the limit of patience explaining to people what I do for a living. Another weekend of someone asking what stock I would pick. I explain I mostly trade futures and tell them what that means, and obviously doesn't register. So like a fool I give them my picks and explain my picks are based on what I see intraday or at most in a week.
    So, a guy who thinks he is a genius comes up to me this weekend and tells me I was wrong on APPL, and he lost money. I lost it, and told him he was an idiot as I clearly explained that I liked APPL because it was tradeable and to grab pull backs and get out. This ass pipe bought high and is losing. He hit me at the wrong time as I told him to go f*** himself for the reasons I laid out. I specifically told the idiot I DAYTRADE, but also swing and get out with a profit as I can watch these things daily.
    I have had enough of people who want the grail, and like this guy, I will in the future tell them to piss off and find an advisor.
  2. Come to daddy, I will spare ya

  3. I have similar experiences with the public, with trading and / or engineering convos.

    You could practically lay out the entire Grail with all parameters, applicable market conditions, risk management pitfalls, etc. and they would do the cattle gaze.

    I think this may be why psychological edges stay sharp while programmable ones get copied - humans have a bovine reflex when it comes to money.
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    When I get questions that don't relate to my trading style I just tell them that I don't trade that way, "I focus on what price is doing at the moment", and try to leave it at that.

    I end up saying this to the same people over and over cause they don't get it. Though sometimes they are just trying to make conversation.
  5. Tell them you are engaged in financial robbery :D
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    heh...for whatever reason nobody ask me about what i do for a living..maybe because i'm russian and neighbors automatically assume that i'm some sort of soprano's style criminal? not working,at home all day long.. hey..that's works for me.. :p
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    I tell all once they wire $2500 to my business account, we can make an appt to discuss stocks. I got tired of talking shop on my weekends. That pretty much shuts them up and I will not discuss, I need time to unwind.
  8. :D

    That was a wise move,i`d charge $5K...LoL

    Handle,do you give to charity?Just out of curiosity...
  9. Not that I encounter many people that ask what I do the few I have had conversations with I tell them all my research is proprietary and they would have to give me 500K for me to even discuss it with them. Believe or not some idiot at the golf course I hang out at wanted to give me 100k and I said sorry 500 is the bare minimum. The funny thing is I'm not even all that good, most of my income comes from real estate.

    If I didn't have a family I would really think about starting a ponzi scheme because it seems even people of moderate intelligence and success still make stupid ass decisions because they want to escape their miserable lives.
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    You sick of talking about your job, yet you come here to talk about this.

    I think you just looking for attention.
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