I am shorting this market---Do not care what other say

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by riskfreetrading, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Thursday October 08, 2008. Time is 11:13AM. I am going short. Shorted some Qs at 42.44 for a day trade for the moment. My trading models tell me a down turn is imminent, or at least we are at a turning point for the market.

    Models say this can start within the next 15 hours of regular trading.

    You can have your say.
  2. Keep the top calls coming!

    I am the one up there throwing all of those knives down at you.
  3. "risk free trading"

    This is the 5th time you have said this.......

    Will you be right this time?:)
  4. I'm happy to take your money. There is a high likelihood I bought from you today.
  5. You are the king of the top call, then go run and hide, come back make another top call, then go run and hide again......rinse and repeat :p

  6. Chit chat.

    Enough of these silly calls. You had your chance several times, RFT, and you were not just wrong, but spectacularly wrong.
  7. Is this another major Bear Leg call or a day trade?
  8. So the test of whether you end up moved to chat is success?

    what if he was just a "little" right? :confused:
  9. was T. Boone Pickens wrong?