i am rich......

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  1. There is an inheritance payment on your name with us.

    Intercontinental Bank Plc
    Plot 101, Ecowas Road Marina,
    Lagos, Nigeria.
    Tel: +234 813 264 9826.

    Attention Beneficiary,

    This is to inform you of a payment inheritance of $10.5millionusd left on your name by Late Mr. George Wilson in our bank, we have long waited to hear from you and to make claim of the said payment but to no avail, so let us know now if you are ready to make the claim so as to enable us process the ownership to your name immediately upon your response to us.

    Without hesitation do reconfirm the information as stated below.

    Your Full name:
    Direct phone number:
  2. Sorry I beat you to it. I'm heading out tommorow to pick it up. Meeting with a nice gentleman in a bar in a slum. He says to bring my checkbook to verify the routing numbers for his deposits. He also mentioned bringing cerdit cards and not to tell anyone I'll be there so I don't get into any trouble for helping him.
    See you all later! I think I'll just layer into Muni bonds and live off the interest, maybe buy my own island. This is going to be great!:D
  3. I once tried to play along with it, to see how far they would go. The next email I got, they sent photo copies of some very official looking documents. After that they wouldnt respond to me. I think they smelled that i wasnt serious about it. You should write them back, give a bunch of fake information and just try to waste their time and let them get all excited about how they are going to rip you off, then they will get all pissed when they dont get a penny. hehe