I am puzzled really, Why are people still debating economics, things are clear

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  1. -Huge record deficit

    -huge record debt

    -military stretched thin on foolish wars

    -Unemployment rising to large number

    -People with degrees applying to Burger joints

    -Federal Reserve Private bank in placental bond with Goldman Sachs got even more power

    -Standard of living falling and most of you already feel it.

    soooo I really don't get it, what is there to debate about
    can someone enlighten me, what are you people debating :confused:
  2. Simple. King Obama told them that the economy is recovering and gave them another glass of kool-aid.
  3. the market is moving ahead of fundementals, we are not debating economics. We are debating market manupliation.

    Today is another rally on "green shoots" on news that is better than expected, but considering the economic climate, extremely bad.
  4. hold on a second, wait a minute, are you saying that people still turn to government to get the news and information :eek:
  5. 1977 was a "COLD" year wasn't it :D
  6. it means if you take a look at people who worked for Goldman, you find them in Government and Federal reserve later.

    placental .....as in ......same SH#T :D
  7. I bet 90% of them still get infomation from the govt.
  8. I swear to god you are right. I have noticed that winters are not as cold as they were in late 70s, maybe global warming is for real
  9. well thanks for explanin, I was really wondering
  10. "see, kid", when you quote weather comments like that, I get nervous that we're going to have more insane Announcements.
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