I am Proud of ET community

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by open, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. open


    I've never seen a place where shills liars and charlatans are so quickly discovered for who and what they are

    sure we got lot of "slow people" but the others more than make up for it

    IB kicks ass, Bright bros kick ass, Esignal is good, FXCM should be burned etc.

    keep up the good work and many thanks to baron for creating ET

    ...........on second thought, if it wasn't Baron someone else would create it so no dice :mad: ............. :D
  2. zdreg


  3. Indeed.

    Whilst I'm an arrogant snot who uses ET purely for amusement purposes, I do tend to attack the odd charlatan or shill (plenty of these on ET making unsubstantiated claims, like having fictitious PhDs etc, whilst peddling get rich quick courses :D ).

    What you'll find however, is that all you need to do is become an ET sponsor (read: money talks). That is your ticket to charlatanism. You can then complain to the moderators about bastards like myself attacking you and have posts "showing you up" for the charlatan that you are deleted.

    Ahh, the freedom...

    Caveat emptor.
  4. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    false, some weak sponsors couldn't passes the 'heat' test and had to get out of the 'kitchen' so to speak.

  5. who has the fictious PhD?

  6. Cy_M


    No one could have ever better described your trailer park shitty head personality better than yourself. Allow me to congratulate you on your only semi intelligent post so far and indeed confirming your attack DOG/BITCH status alongside your typical charlatanism! Well done, SOD.
  7. nkhoi, maybe times have changed. Lets hope so.
  8. Ahh, surf, C'mon, lets not stir that guy up again. That was years ago and he's been quiet as of recent. :D
  9. Hey dickbreath psycho, I thought I was on your ignore list. Clearly not. :D

    Taken your medication yet?

    Now there's a good lad, do run along to the lemonade stand. There'll be no dynamic median ***advanced study*** (ROFLMAO) discussion here, Or scalping NNs (hey, ***just*** polynomials aren't they ROFLMAO).

    PS. Where you dropped as a child? :p
    PPS. Someone else recently said to you "Give it a rest,you sound maniacal." Hint hint, for ET's resident psycho.

    Loser! Yes, that means you.