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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Nov 5, 2008.

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    I did not vote for Barak Obama, but I am proud of America right . This election went off exactly how it should have, where problems arose they got addressed, the candidate of the majority has won and he is going to go into office. We will not have to go through the pain of having the popular vote winner lose the electoral vote that we had in 2000 and that has continued to be a source of bitterness ever since. I hope that Obama is the greatest president we have ever had and that we can start to heal as a country, we need it.
    I do hope that the Democrats will remember that about 45% of the country did not vote for them. I hope they can attempt to be civil in convincing those of us who did not to continue to support Obama. I don't think that many people would make a case that Bush was the "uniter" that he promised to be, but I hope that Democrats do not fall into the traps of power and figure that two wrongs will make a right. Bush will go down in history as a terrible president and leader, much of the cause of this is going to be his complete disregard of anyone on the other side, and I hope that President Obama does not repeat this mistake.
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    He actually mentioned this in his acceptance speech to his credit.

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    Yes, I was very happy to hear it. I guess I should have said that I hope people will listen to his request .
  4. Obama has the chance to be great. We will see if he can meet the challenge and be that man. If words mean anything, he said everything we would want to hear from a president. It will be a tough tough four years, his metal will be tested and I too am pulling for him. I don't think after this election the far right will be that big a problem for Obama, I think keeping the democrat congress under control will be a tougher challenge for him. Starting out he does have the American people behind him and the world also. I hope he makes the right decisions.
  5. Actually he has a little less than 1/2 of the white people, nearly all of the black people and 2/3 of hispanics behind him in the USA.
  6. Well said.
  7. It's too bad voter fraud tainted this election tho
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    Well in any event he has the majority of AMERICANS behind him at this point. Hopefully we can try to be AMERICANS, not white, not black, not republicans, not democrats.
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    Shut up! Both sides cheat equally. We lost, just like Google, and Apple and a bunch of other stocks went down costing you a lot of money, John McCain lost. Move on.
  10. you're sounding just like Obama now. There are divisions in America. You can't just pretend everyone is the same cause it isn't.
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