I am payin dinner for entire ET, Monday is down for market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by C- kid, May 30, 2008.

  1. C- kid

    C- kid

    if you read posts by me as "cold"

    if you come to conclusion that I am some noob

    than you truly have no critical thinking skills

    my other name is "original" many of my posts are worth printing and framing :)
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  2. There is possibility of 1,2,3 down channel forming next week...after "Z-Germans show up".......:D
    #12     May 31, 2008
  3. Oh god, the insanity is spreading.

    Yes Mr. Crack, the worlds economic status is clearly focused on the fact that your RTL says the US stock market is overvalued.. BARF!!!!
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  4. Next week will see on what Worlds Economic Status is clearly focused on...I am focused on Price and Volume only...cause they represent all known info for that moment ....All of us see pennant formed on decreasing volume ... What down channel needs is point 3 ...which is BO from this formation on Increasing volume if we have this condition met ....Z-Germans will show up and is FUBAR situation for all fellas that are long for this moment...:D
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  5. When you were 'original' it was 143. Your intelligence must be declining. Sorry 'bout that.
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  6. C- kid

    C- kid

    actually IQ numbers vary from season to season +- 4 points or so

    again while the rest of you see these numbers and either hate me or look up to me

    the real prize is this thing called creativity

    High IQ and creativity go hand in hand, creativity is the real culprit of all good and evil

    for example, calling the thread "I am payin dinner for entire ET"

    that is creativity, if it is extended to studying the markets, or god forbid helping out man kind

    very good results can occur

    those without qualities I have can learn everything as well, but they need 4 times the effort, and most surrender to their laziness
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  7. the strength of er2 is truly amazing. no question i would be estatic if you were right.
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  8. I'm a bit confused because I thought around half of that, say 70, you could capitalize the first word of every sentence and use punctuation.

    Which is clearly something this mofo cannot do lol

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  9. 9999


    I used to be one of those anti-abortion guys, but after reading you I'm changing my mind.
    Back to your place now - the ignore list.
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  10. pigeon poo can be very dangerous. cold, i hope you are ok.

    PIGEON poo was last night being blamed for the collapse of a bridge that killed 13 people.

    Experts believe a build-up of corrosive droppings weakened the metal structure in Minneapolis, USA.
    It then buckled under the pounding of heavy traffic and finally collapsed on August 1, plunging cars into the Mississippi River.
    Neal Langerman, of the health and safety division of the American Chemical Society, said: �Pigeon droppings contain ammonia and acids. Over a long term, it might cause structural weaknesses.�
    He explained that the potent poo dries out and turns into a concentrated salt. When water gets to it, small electrochemical reactions take place that rust the steel underneath.
    Inspectors reported there was a coating of pigeon dung on the Interstate 35W bridge as long ago as 1987.
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