'I am part of the most selfish generation in history and we should be ashamed

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  1. TOTAL HORSESHIT! Leftist bilge!

    The Boomers have PAID THE MOST TAXES.. PAID FOR THE MOST GOVERNMENT.. ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE GREATEST ECONOMIC GROWTH IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA AND THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. A disproportionate amount of what America "has" is due to the contribution of the Boomers.

    The ONLY generation which is "making out" and will EVER make out on the "Great Social Experiment".. is the generation BEFORE the Boomers.

    Everybody else... INCLUDING THE BOOMERS... IS FUCKED!... thanks to greedy-ass politicians.

    Come on, you young people... get your thinking caps on and understand out where the REAL blame lies.
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    We refer to the daily mail in the UK as "the daily fail"