I am online with my computer all the time

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ElectricSavant, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. If something goes wrong... its like a drug guy without his fix.

    I really have a problem. I use old equipment and it will just die someday....

    What will I do?

    My 1990 Plymouth Voyager with simulated wood grain siding is still running too!

    Wifey says I better get a lot of Cash in the Money Market account! because baby its coming...
  2. got a plan..

    I will test things from Costco...for 6 months...
  3. promagma


    Hardware is cheap these days! Get a whole new machine, or identify the bottlenecks and upgrade your current machine.
  4. ohhhh that would cost money....Can I be replaced?

  5. depends on your trading style, but in some cases, having crappy equipment can cost you much more in losses on that one day its gonna fail you, than spending a couple grand to make the upgrade..im sure youve heard this before!
  6. maybe I can get organ enlargement? Wifey has not complained though...
  7. Maybe you should quite posting so much on ET and spend more time with wifey. I think we all would appreciate that.
  8. really? who appointed you ET's representative? I could quietly quit..but you are quite rude and presumptuous...

  9. mizer


    Heres an idea........Stop posting all day and go MAKE SOME MONEY and buy new hardware
  10. I am making money as we speak...and its Saturday! are you? real money was placed in my trading account too...not on paper...

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