I am now SHORT the market

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  1. i am short with the dow at 8677. i will cover on a break of 8710. i have a few short etf's. if i make a point on either i will cover.my loss is minimal because i am disciplined and admit when i am wrong rather than blaming others.
  2. when i say cover at 8710,that is my stop loss.
  3. what's your timeframe? I've got a feeling they'll run stops in both directions after the FOMC announcement, don't they always?
  4. whats your reasoning?
  5. 50_Bip


    I'm sure your broker is excited about this trade, since you will get punched out at 2:16 EST.
  6. tradersboredom

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    only a moron would open a new short position now.

  7. its a calculated trade based on the patters. i am betting the market falls into the decision.if it does i am covering quickly,if not,i am out quickly.
  8. YES
  9. LOL market set to surge. Cover all shorts now b4 you lose more money. The bulls have been in control since November 20th and it will remain that way. Buy all dips.
  10. Great, now I can safely go short after the rate cut thanks!
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