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    I started a thread about Chicken Little and asked the question, what stocks would you buy for the long run. I was informed that you guys are daytraders and you don't buy stocks for the long run. I have read a lot of threads and some of you seem to make a lot of money or so you say. I have been ridiculed often and that is ok. So, if you guys make all the money you say you do and you do not invest for the long term in the stock market. What do you do with money. You buy Jelly beans right. You invest in CD's and no for some of you I am not talking about compact disks.
    Do daytraders not invest all the money. I guess you buy shopping centers in Europe and Houston. So for a little new guy like me, why don't all you billionaires tell me what you do with all that money. Remember this is the new guy, sittting in Chit Chat where all the big guys think he belongs. I have read about some idiot that just invests. I think it was Jimmy Buffet or some Buffet guy. I guess you are smarter than him. I apoligize to all you smart people and just want to ask one QUESTION. Why don't daytraders with a lot of cash invest for the long run.
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    I posted in Chit Chat to get away from the High Society. Now you follow me here and tell me to go away. I guess you are a Stalker. I am a Newbie, I think I said that, and now you follow me to Chit Chat. I am new and I am asking questions. I am green and I admit it. I am a virgin and thought I would find help here. I have read a lot of threads here and someone called the moderator and asked that I be put in chit chat. I was. I don't care. Asking questions is the best way to find out something. I will find out what I want. And it will be on this board, as I have had several nice and informative replies. But some of you very nice and informative gentlemen are full of Bush stuff. I have read threads by members that say they make tons of money and cannot reveal how they make it. So, that leads me to believe that they are here to boast and not share the wisdom. But you answer my post just to tell me to go away. Have a nice day, cumshot.