I am not fooled...it is time to sell sell sell!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by blowingup2012, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I think this is a good time to sell. March always brings these little panics when you least expect.
  2. So good to see retaildaytrader back!
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    Sell, eh? Maybe we should wait for the next 9.1 unemployment rate rumor.
  4. My threads are about not getting fooled by the usual market BS and commentators. The market was a buy back during the fall when everyone was panicing. Now there is no more fear...no more panic so why buy now? Why is this year different then any of the previous years?

    You see the small caps dragging and only stocks like Apple are moving up. Isnt that a clue to you to whats about to come? I guess my advice will fall on deaf ears.

    The selling opportunity is right now and come back in the fall and load up. I dont think now is the time.
  5. We hear ya. But this market isn't rational. it's not right. Look at the days where everything trades up, oil, gold, equities, the USD. it doesn't make sense. You'll see the VIX +/- 10%, yet levered volatility flat. I mean this market makes no sense, and all you can do is trade since you can't move it. just take what they give you, and what they want is it to go up.

    Let it be.
  6. go see a psycho analyst, you have big time issues with your head
  7. Many of you seem to want to constantly accuse me of being crazy. Think about that. I have a business which makes money while you sit there in your basement or.in the bucketshop trading away hoping to be like Tudor. You want to believe I am someone else if not NoDoji maybe EMG or retaaildaytrader. The truth is Im here to talk some sense into you. Believe what you want but the truth is Im profitable and enjoy the fruits of my labor while you labor away at the bucketshop hoping they will buy you a ham and cheese.
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    Then please by all means go ahead and sell into a technically strong bullish market. Don't bother with us. We settle this week above last year's highs and you have a free call option. After you get short, tell us in a few months time how profitable you are.
  9. Dow up over 100, again!!!

    Rule #1: Never listen to a guy with a name "blowingup"

    OH, and answer your phone...

    Margin Call!!!!
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    Now that you are sold out of equities, where are you going to invest your cash at? And at what point will you get back into equities?
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