I Am Not A Trader, But You Traders Should Be Like Pigs In Feces

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ByLoSellHi, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Because the VIX is really unbelievable.

    If I had intraday trading skills, I'd be loving this.

    Up 65 points, to down 100. Down 80 points, to up 56, back down to negative 22. Up 110 points, back down to negative 11, and a flat close on the day.

    These sorts of days are becoming increasingly common.

    You traders should be making huge money.

    But alas, I am but a mere swing trader.
  2. Ever try driving by looking only at the rear-view mirror?
    You can once in a while go miles on a straight-away until you hit a series of curves or worse, go off a cliff or hit a big rig.
  3. Yes. And it was a calamity.

    Do you forecast a drop in the VIX soon? Is that where you're going with this?

    I intended to express an opinion that it looks like volatility is back to stay.

    Am I wrong?
  4. Dude, I'm swimming in a pool of money (which IS kind of like feces) these days :D .

    If you want to throw some money at intraday trading in high VIX environment, try it with trend indicators like ADX rather than oscillators.
  5. infooo


    true day traders swim in money ALWAYS

    if volatility comes down

    you up the scale

    nothing more, nothing less,

    I am tired of amateurs

  6. I guess I'm not a true day trader today...because I have yet to swim in money....in fact...I am quite happy to be close to scratch after getting whacked on that move this morning....was down almost 10 at one point.

    Still have an hour and half left, I'm not through yet! :)

    Good trading!
  7. Lol, if making 15 - 25k a week instead of 3-5k pre-volatility is amateurish, I'll take your cheap shot any day and stay being an amateur, thank you very much .:)
  8. You Guys are Hilarious.....

    I nearly fell out my chair laughing so hard....

    Since 2/24 I have been on a VERY nice run. I never knew I loved volatility so much.

    Matter of fact this run pushed me into day trading becasue I watched 3 days of missed opportunities, then I reminded myself, you gotta move with the market, dont fight it. I am still an amatuer. Just working it like mixing a song. Move where the song takes you. :)
  9. You can make big money swing trading with leverage.

    Personally, I think swing trading is safer than day trading, because you see the big picture.
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    Compare the Vix to its moving average, do not get hung up on its absolute value, as that can be misleading.
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