I am not a fade

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  1. It is considence that the market falls on the day immediatly after I create a thread here. Google stock is a huge buy.

    I was wrong about the mental recesison, admitedly. There was a recession, even If I coudn't see it. We had a bear market. The age of prosperity is far from over.
  2. I thought you asked for your account to be closed?

  3. He's back. It is as sure as 2+2 = 4 that we now begin the giant retrace.

    Watch and see.

    Mark the date of this thread.

    See ya' all back here in a month.

  4. WAS a recession?

    The worst is yet to come. I hope you have a nicely funded futures account.

    You're the only "indicator" I subscribe to! Keep up the terrific work & God bless you & yours!!

  5. +1 :D
  6. Moved to chit chat, because I couldn't find the "rectal bleeding" forum.
  7. Maybe you should have searched "fake rectal bleeding" or "mental rectal bleeding"


  8. ElCubano


    or "100% up the rectum to go, buy buy buy"..
  9. jj90


    Time to double size in 2x and 3x ETFs.
  10. Rectal bleeding isn't fun.

    Anyway, does anyone remember spring/summer 2007? That was awesome.Stocks went up every day.

    Then a supposed financial crisis and recession came along and washed it all away. A crisis I STILL CAN"T SEE. 50-75% haircut on everything. A falling dollar, global growth, web 2.0, Facebook & twitter were supposed to be the saviors of out economy.
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