I am new with a lot of questions. please help!

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by kac8891, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. kac8891


    I am 6 months from 18 and plan to go to college when I am done with high school, however, I have recently been looking into prop firms as a way of gaining trading experience will in college. I am also interested in passing the series 7 before I am out of college just as a personal achievement. I have a few question:

    1) Are there even any prop firms that well hire me? As I am inexpirienced and would not yet have a college degree.

    2) Is $5000 a decent deposit range to have

    3) Could I even get a sponsor under this circumstance?

    4) Am I better off going with someone like keystone and paying for the training instead of making a deposit?

    I am not worried about the payout, I don't care really about making money. (at this point) I really just want gain experience. Idealy this would be remote as I am not able or willing to move yet.

    Right now I am just looking into it, I am not not looking to persue anything for probably atleast another 9 months so any information you can provide is appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,